Activities Around Arco Iris

St Alex Church

Arco Iris is located in Curtorim, a quiet village in South Goa, about 7 kms to the east of Margao. The village is dotted with seasonal lakes and paddy fields and is often referred to as the “Granary of Goa”. Besides being popular with bird watchers and the attendant photo shoot opportunities that it affords, Curtorim and its adjoining villages house several places of historical interest.


Braganza Mansion

At 450, this is one of Goa’s oldest houses in the village of Chandor and was built by one of its richest families – as the Ming Dynasty vases, the crystal chandeliers and the vast collection of antique furniture reveals. Though the families still...

St Alex Church

St Alex Church

This is approximately 2 kms from the Arco Iris Noble Home and is accessed via tree-lined country roads.

Zuari River

You could also walk to the Zuari river and go on a boat ride, to experience a slice of Goa’s hinterland that exists quietly.

Colva/ Benaulim/Varca Beaches

The beaches of South Goa are much more peaceful compared with North Goa. You can spend an evening at the Colva beach which is 12 kms from Arco Iris.

Rachol Seminary

This is an ideal place to spend a peaceful, reflective morning. It is an excellent way to get a feel for the religious history of Goa, with artwork dating back hundreds of years.


Margao Market

The bustling local, daily Margao market is a must for anyone interested in food. It is about 10 km from Margao. Stalls heaped with baskets of beautiful aromatic spices, the fish market with a dazzling array of everything from green-lipped mussels...

Palacio De Deao

The 400-year-old Palacio De Deao, is about 15 kms away from Arco Iris. The garden around the palace is said to be the best in the state.